February 9, 2015

“Caroline worked well with the different personalities within the organisation”


Following the AWO’s successful inaugural season in 2011 we faced a dilemma – to remain an event company or transition to a fully-fledged arts organisation.  We took the bold decision to become the later and with that came all the usual challenges around a start up.  After a major re-branding exercise and successful second season in 2013, we realised that we needed to re-assess our marketing and philanthropy efforts.  Enter Caroline Sharpen.  Caroline worked well with the different personalities within the organisation – all of whom have strong opinions having marketed and funded AWO since inception.  She quickly understood what we needed whilst soliciting the support of management and incorporating their diverse views.  This was a methodical – and at times loud – exercise that has resulted in updating our selling messages to be more reflective of our goals and vision, whilst re-invigorating our efforts and setting out a strategic path for us to follow.

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