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Strategy development and implementation

Like you, we know that no two arts organisations are the same. Yet, strategic planning often becomes a box-ticking exercise that conforms with a funder’s template that then goes in a drawer. Not with us.

We’ll work with you to understand your vision for creative excellence, the transformational opportunities in front of you and the challenges or threats that stand in your way. Then we’ll design a strategy that helps you compete for everything you need to achieve your mission and build a healthy bottom line.

And, because there’s little point investing the time in writing a plan if you don’t enact it, we can also work with you to implement the systems and processes you need to turn your strategy into your reality.

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Why strategy fails in arts organisations

The tyranny of the urgent can destroy strategy if its not kept in check. Art must be made, tickets sold and funds raised. Here are the things to look out for and address to make sure strategy is front and centre of your organisation.

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