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About Sharpen CIC

Sharpen CIC is an alliance of independent consultants and practitioners. We have an aggregate of knowledge, experience and expertise to support clients across all creative sectors. We’re also very easy to get along with!

We configure ourselves to make sure clients have the best and most relevant set of skills for tackling their problem. Also, the flexibility of our model means you only pay for the help you need.

Our Approach

Over the years, we’ve learnt that the best outcomes are derived from viewing a problem in its entirety.


We like research and industry benchmarking but also conversations with stakeholders. All of this helps us frame the issue successfully and build the right set of questions.  We also believe in solving the problem once and while we like to provide options – one of them will always be to think big, think longer-term and do it right the first time.

Our Principal

Caroline Sharpen

Caroline Sharpen

PRINCIPAL | MBA, BMus (Hons I), Grad Dip Mus

With more than 17 years senior executive experience in cultural organisations in Australia and the USA, Caroline has successfully developed corporate and business unit strategy placing creativity at the heart of revenue growth. She has worked with boards and fundraising committees around the country to raise contributed capital and develop commercialisation strategies for company IP.

A trusted and respected stakeholder manager, Caroline has worked with Governments, corporate partners and many of Australia’s most generous philanthropists, aligning the needs of organisations with the goals, values and beliefs of their supporters.

With a MBA (MGSM) and degrees in music and musicology, Caroline understands the dual drivers of creative industries businesses and the challenges involved in balancing creative integrity with fiscal imperatives. Her approach lies in the pursuit of clear strategy and communication, leadership and an uncompromising approach to organisational culture and retaining talented people.

Depending on the needs and nature of your organisation, you will work with Caroline, or a nominated collaborator or industry specialist who will provide the most relevant and insightful advice. Please Contact Us to shoot the breeze and tell us how we might help.

Our Collaborators

Sharpen CIC is an alliance of independent consultants and practitioners. We have an aggregate of knowledge, experience and expertise to support clients across all creative sectors. We’re also very easy to get along with!

We configure ourselves to make sure clients have the best and most relevant set of skills tackling their problem and the flexibility of our model means you only ever pay for the help you need.

Peter Cudlipp

Peter Cudlipp


Peter spent twenty years as Director and then Partner at Sydney Film Company – one of the most successful and awarded screen content companies in the southern hemisphere – until exciting projects in children’s television and theatre came knocking in 2008.

When not making ads, kid’s TV ( Nickelodeon, Sesame Workshop, ABC, BBC) and producing children’s theatre (his Jay’s Place won the 2009 Sydney Critic’s Award); Peter found time to produce and direct a series of short films on chamber music and join the board of the Screen Producer’s Association of Australia. He has also chaired the founding advisory board for the Musica Viva Festival and served as a member of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra Council.

Peter provides advice and counsel on all matters screen and important research on the national and international context for creative sector organisations.

Anne Lee Archer

Anne Lee Archer

Consultant | Marketing

Anne is a Certified Practising Marketer and Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute (CPM FAMI). Anne also holds her A.Mus.A and is an Associate of the Yamaha Music Foundation.

Anne has successfully marketed and grown revenue for various arts and music organisations, including Musica Viva, Moorambilla Voices, classikON, Schimmel Pianos, Hammond Organs and Studio19 Imports (Alex.Steinbach, Samick, PianoDisc). She has also consulted to enterprise level companies including Telstra Digital, Tourism Australia, Virgin Money, Zurich Insurance, Aussie Home Loans, Beiersdorf (NIVEA & Elastoplast), Cellarmasters (Woolworths Liquor Group) and many more, successfully increasing traffic and conversions for all companies.

Anne is a data-driven marketer and problem-solver who specialises in technical SEO, ASO, CRO & user journey mapping, site restructures, pay-per-click advertising, marketing automation, content strategies, video optimisation, website analytics and software solutions.

Matthew Hodge

Matthew Hodge


They often say maths and music go together. Matthew Hodge is not entirely sold on the idea, but his career seems to indicate otherwise.

Coming from a background in mathematics and statistics, Matthew one day read What Colour Is Your Parachute? which persuaded him to jump from the private sector to a career in the classical music field, and he’s never looked back since.

His many years of experience as a CRM Manager, combined with his personal quest to understand how to draw new people into classical music, position Matthew to bring unique insights into the areas of CRM, databases, and audience development.

Andrew Parker

Andrew Parker

Consultant | Architecture and Design

Andrew is an experienced architect and practice leader who has spent many years perfecting the marriage between outstanding design, client satisfaction and community contribution. He has worked in small, medium and large architecture and construction firms on every familiar problem from project start up to practice performance.

In the last ten years, Andrew has specialised in creating thriving design-led enterprises. He believes that good project inception is fundamental to success. One of his strong suits is bringing parties together and encouraging fruitful dialogue so that design can flourish whilst meeting the needs of clients and achieving outcomes that everyone is proud of.

Andrew provides strategic and operational advice for architecture and design practices. He also provides project management services for cultural sector clients embarking on investment in new premises to meet their needs and aspirations.

Christie Brewster

Christie Brewster


Christie Brewster is a photographer and graphic designer based in Sydney with over ten year’s senior experience in cultural organisations in Australia, UK and the USA.

Christie is passionate about creating memorable and meaningful design solutions with an approach that delivers fresh and intelligent ideas to brand development, editorial layout, visual storytelling and photography.


“We received so much more during the consultation period that we could have hoped for”


Caroline took the time to work across our team and Board to understand our specific needs as a non-profit organisation in a niche music genre. We received so much more during the consultation period that we could have hoped for. She is a capable facilitator and skilled strategist who knows her stuff!  Caroline continues to offer support and advice to SIMA today and we are very grateful to have received the benefit of her knowledge and experience at SIMA.

Amy Curl General Manager, Sydney Improvised Music Association

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