Strategy and business development for the creative industries
We help build strategic, sure-footed and sustainable organisations and practices
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Strategy and business development for the creative industries


Strategy and revenue development for creative sector organisations is our sweet spot. We advise and support leaders, boards and revenue generators in planning, executing and funding exceptional work.

Our mission is to make sure the great art and creativity in Australia is produced by strategic, sure-footed and sustainable organisations and practices.

Every thriving creative enterprise is driven by a powerful strategic vision: one that’s unique, achievable and lived and breathed by everyone. Let us show you how to develop and implement strategy so that it is front and centre of everything you do.

Your creative organisation will only reach its potential if your people do too. We can show you how to make sure you attract and hire the right staff, as well as how to harness their talents to help you achieve your creative vision, mission and strategy.

When an organisation fosters a healthy culture, people do their best work, push boundaries and go the extra mile. Let us show you how culture contributes to creativity and your creative output.

For creative organisations, sustainability comes from a steady, repeatable & reliable flow of income. We can work with you to attract, win & retain customers, clients, donors, sponsors & funders, so that you can worry more about your creative vision & less about making the next payroll.

An experienced cultural sector executive, strategist, consultant & business development practitioner.

With more than 17 years senior executive experience in cultural organisations, Caroline has developed corporate & business unit strategy placing creativity at the heart of revenue growth.

With a MBA (MGSM) and degrees in music and musicology, Caroline understands the dual drivers of creative industries businesses.

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